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My Dog on Twitter in Five easy Steps

It's That Easy!!!


Everyday I hear people complain about Social Media. What is it really good for? How do I best make use of it? Why is it all so confusing?

In order to demonstrate how easy it really is, I've enlisted the aid of Decker, my black toy poodle. I decided to start with Twitter because of its 140 character limit. I would have to do all of the as his little paws were having trouble hitting the right keys.

1) Give them an memorable name "Barkster" "FluffyNinja" or "Doggomundo", for example.
We chose "7LBsofAttitude."

2) Include a friendly, yet not overly inviting photo (beware of stalkers). Everyone loves a happy doggie, make sure to include plenty of teeth and tongue....PhotoShop out any excessive drool.

3) Give them an interesting profile that will attract "dogs" with similar interests: A middle aged Toy Poodle with a zest for life. Likes barking at strangers, sleeping in the kitchen, finding food under the couch, hanging with my peeps and the NY Yankees

4) Tweet from the Dogs point of view:
"There's a squirrel outside eating the cable wire. Why don't they listen to me?"
"Another "accident", if only I could reach the door knob"
"Oh boy, Pork!"

5) Retweet tweets from other dogs or dog-like tweeters or tweeters who share their interests. Reach out to them with direct messaging and see if any of them want to follow you or, in this case, join your pack.

Decker sent out messages to "SnoopDog", "DogBountyHunter", "ItsMeorThe Dog", "Rufus_Hound", "JosiePoodle", "SickPuppies", and "GreyHoundBus".

All in all a good start!!!

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