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Life and...

Tales of modern living, torn from the pages of real life, among other places

Multicultural Me
In a world awash in ethnic identification, almost everyday some asks me,
"So, where you from...". Apparenttly, my looks can be deceiving
In Traffic, No One Can Hear You Scream
A not so moving experience. New Yorkers are known for helping those in need, unless of cousre you're in a vehicle that's stalled on a major roadway.
Talking the Walk
The latest evolution in fitness. In between work outs some of us find it neccesary to analyze, recount and generally blabber on and on about our fitness regime.
Psychic Cab Driver
Would you still get in the Taxi if you knew what was waiting for you once you arrived at your destination? If you're lucky enough to flag down Sergie, he'll give you that option.