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Whatever Happened to...

We catch up with our Xmas pals.

Your favorite Christmas characters had a life well after the big day had passed. Thanks to Google, the NY Public Library and a little too much egg nog, we've been able to uncover what went on after the gifts were opened and the decorations were put away.

Tiny Tim — Following his holiday conversion, Scrooge took the sickly child under his wing and taught the little tyke the ways of business. He was as a second father to the boy who grew straight and strong, learning his lessons well. Tim became a wealthy man and major player on the world's business stage, gaining prominence as an arms dealer and earning the name "The Merchant of Death."
Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer — After guiding Santa's sleigh through the night that foggy Christmas Eve, Rudolph's popularity was short lived as he failed a routine drug test. Forced to admit that the glow was the result of a "Red Gel" given to him by his trainer elf, and he protested that he was unaware that it contained any banned substances. Though caught "red handed, or "red nosed", he got off on a technicality as the lab was closed for the holidays.
Frosty The Snowman — Tiring of constantly be exposed to the cold, Frosty embarked on an ill-advised winter vacation to Florida. He got as far as Savannah, Georgia, before becoming too slushy to continue. He now spends his days sedated in a bucket, and the odd ice tray or two, awaiting the return of more favorable weather and reminiscing about an old silk hat.
The Nut Cracker — Impulsively, TNC and the Sugar Plumb Fairy ran off on a romantic getaway. Though she was enchanting at first, she turned out to be something of a total diva and he soon learned just who the real "nutcracker" was. When it became obvious that it wasn't going to work out, she broke his heart by returning him to Hammacher Schlemmer in exchange for store credit.
The Three Kings — The three "wise guys" as they liked to call to themselves, were overheard berating their personal shopper over his choice of gifts. "What were you thinking. Bringing gold, frankincense and especially myrrh to a christening. Did you see the way the parents looked at us? What was wrong with Gift Tablets from Toys-Be-eth-Us? Bad enough the little guy had to spend Christmas in a manger."
Mrs. Claus — The First Lady of the North Pole is a woman of infinite patience. Every year she is the the last person on Earth to get her Christmas presents. Just about the time Santa was dropping in on Buenos Aires, Mrs. C was logging in to Orbitz and booked a spa cruise for her and the Jolly One, giving them both a great start to the new year.


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