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About Section11


Section11 is comprised of humorous essays, skits, short stories and literary notions I have written over the years. Tiring of rummaging through shoes boxes, old note books and odd bits of paper, I decided to assemble and categorized them so that, if nothing else, I can amuse myself wherever I have internet access.


The categories were determined by the pieces themselves — i.e., I wrote a bunch of stuff and then figured out what they had in common. Categories my change without prior notice. Please Note, This site is a "work in progress" so, as of now, some of the categories may not have that many stories in them. Hang in there, we're making more.

Life and... : Tales of modern living, with emphasis on the absurd of everyday life. which leaves enough material for several lifetimes. Amazing how funny the mundane can be. Some of them biographical. some of them flights of fancy built around a kernel of truth.

Business: Capitalism's lighter side — more than just firing people and lobbying. As someone who has been self employed for most of his career I can say that I've been inside the belly of the beast and it's ticklish.

The Other Side: Spiritual things can be fun. I went to Catholic School through the 12th grade, and many of my classmates wound up being disillusioned atheist, I came out realizing that God is the greatest comedy writer...ever.

Media: Musings on Pop Culture. When I kid, media consisted of news papers, television and radio— popular culture was something that amused children on weekends. Now it's everywhere, 24/7. From tweeting to friending to celebrities to whatever's on the little screen you're planted in front of.

Site Gags: Graphic parodies —a picture is worth 1000 smart ass remarks. I have a BFA from a major Design School, 30 plus years experience as graphic designer, and, I've been told I have "attitude" problem, so this should be fun.

Holidays: Ho, Ho, Ho... or whatever. Holiday cards, family gatherings...

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