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About Michael Pilla (Me)

Who is this guy?

I was born in that cradle of comedic genius The Bronx , New York. The only borough that is part of the mainland United States (the other four are all islands) has spawned such well know funny people as Mel Brooks, Carl Reiner, Gary and Penny Marshal, Robert Klein, Terence Cardinal Cooke, Tracy Morgan and countless legions of smart mouths.

My parents are first generation Italian-Americans, with all the accompanying baggage, who refused to notice the "the neighborhood was changing" until we were the only causations south of 149th Street. We would regularly get mail simply addressed to "White People, The South Bronx".

I attended Catholic School through the 12th Grade. I was an excellent student, though I did have a few health problems. (Funny. smart and asthmatic—not exactly a recipe for popularity). I further complicated my life by studying Art and Design at Pratt Institute in Brooklyn (Funny, smart, asthmatic AND creative? Thank you God...) and have spent my professional life as an illustrator, graphic designer, art director, creative director and so on, both on staff and working for myself.

This is all by way of saying that my background, circumstances, job history, biology and the very act of just "being myself" has always caused me to see things somewhat differently than most regular walking around people.

Not better, not worst, just different.

...and hopefully funnier, otherwise this has all been and incredible waste of time.






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